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          MODEL         NAME                  LENGTH            WEIGHT           HOOK          AVAILABLE IN
          X9236         Super Spook Jr.        8.89cm         1/2oz | 17.0g        #4     FO2 | HFB | 425 | 06 | HBS

        The Heddon Super Spook Jr. features the tough construction and good looks of the full-sized Super Spook in a
        smaller, but still explosive, fish-catching design. Rugged line ties and hooks ensure the Super Spook Jr. will hold up
        to opportunistic charges from schooling fish. Realistic finishes provide the proper look for any topwater fishing

                                                                  06 Frog                             HFB
                                                                                                      Florida Bass

        HBS Wounded Shad

                                 F02 Black Shiner                  425 Foxy Shad


          MODEL         NAME                      LENGTH            WEIGHT           HOOK          AVAILABLE IN
          X9256         Super Spook                12.25cm       7/8oz | 24.5g        #4        HFB | 425 | 06 | HBS

        The backbone of the famous Heddon Zara Spook family is the Super Spook. The feature setting these models apart
        from other Zaras is their super-stout hardware system, from line ties to hooks, all designed to stand up to the most
        voracious species. The 5-inch Super Spook boasts three super-sharp hooks, especially important for schooling
        stripers and other hard-charging species. Fish don’t simply hit a Super Spook. They attack it!

                                      06 Frog                                                  HFB Florida Bass

                                       425 Foxy Shad                                           HBS Wounded Shad
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