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          MODEL         NAME                      LENGTH            WEIGHT           HOOK          AVAILABLE IN
          X0360         Tiny Torpedo               4.90cm         1/4oz | 7.0g        #6          BB | BF | GBB | NF

        The Heddon Torpedo has been the world’s top-selling, top-producing spinner-equipped lure for generations. The
        shape and weight allow anglers to cast these lures a little farther than many other prop-baits to reach special
        fish-holding spots quicker and easier. The Torpedo creates a wild, splashing surface disturbance, making them the
        perfect lures for schooling fish. Use quick, short and erratic twitches to make a Torpedo perform at its best,
        producing explosive, heart-stopping surface strikes.

        BB Baby Bass                                            BF Bullfrog

                          NF Natural Leopard Frog                                 GBB Gold Bass


          MODEL         NAME                  LENGTH            WEIGHT         HOOK              AVAILABLE IN
          X0361         Baby Torpedo           6.35cm        3/8oz | 10.5g      #4          BF | BB | BRS | GBDS |NF

        BRS Brown Crawdad                   NF Natural Leopard Frog            GBSD G-Finish Shad

                          BF Bullfrog                        BB Baby Bass
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