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          MODEL         NAME                      LENGTH            WEIGHT           HOOK          AVAILABLE IN
          X0320         Tiny Crazy Crawler         4.45cm         1/4oz | 7.0g        #2              BF | GRA
          X9120         Crazy Crawler              6.09cm         5/8oz | 17.5g       #6            BF | GRA | PM

        The legendary Crazy Crawler has been producing big fish for avid users for more than half a century. These
        wildacting topwater lures literally crawl across the surface, creating a trail of splashing action as they go. Their
        perfectly tuned metal wings slash from side-to-side to create a cadence on the water that drives all species wild.
        Heddon’s Crazy Crawler provides just the right action for almost every fishing condition.

                  BF                                 GRA Fluorescent                        PM
                  Bullfrog                                    Green Crawdad                 Glow Black Frog
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